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Writing is My Superpower Writer's Box-Printable

Writing is My Superpower Writer's Box-Printable

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Writing is a SUPERPOWER. This box can help you grow this power, even save the planet Earth! Learn about catchy SLOGANS that inspire your readers to make changes. Write your own slogans and use your favorite for a save the Earth poster display. Create a superhero character and then brainstorm and write their inspiring story. It's a mix of both non-fiction and fiction writing for a SUPER writing experience. 

For ages 7 to 12. 

On-Ramp: Slogans. 

Clubtime: Writer a superhero story. 

Playbreak: Create an Earth Day poster. 

Editor's Table: Punctuating with the "!"

This printable has everything you need to create the Writer's Box experience.

  • Child-directed Writer's Guide.
  • Slogan Superhero Grid.
  • Create a Superhero.
  • Superhero Portrait.
  • Superhero Story Plan.
  • Save the Earth Sticker Prompts.
  • Writing is My Superpower Extension.
  • Writing is My Superpower poster. 
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