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Adventure Writer's Box- Printable

Adventure Writer's Box- Printable

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This Writer's Box has everything you need for a positive, rich, and FUN writing adventure! Use the Adventure Story Guide to plan an adventure story that will leave your readers breathless. Bring your family and friends together as you write and play a one-of-a-kind Adventure Game. Search for adventure writing ideas through creative play with the surprising objects inside. This box is packed to the brim with unique ways to approach writing and build storytelling skills.

For ages 7 to 12.

On-Ramp: Write an adventure story.

Clubtime: Create an Adventure Game.

Playbreak: Creative play that builds into storytelling.

Editor's Table: Punctuation practice with the colon :

This printable has everything you need for the Writer's Box experience: 

  • -Child directed Writer’s Guide.  
  • -Adventure Story Planner.
  • -Adventure Game Board.
  • -Game Board Pieces.  
  • -Fortunately Cards.
  • -Unfortunately Cards.
  • -Adventure Sticker Prompts.
  • -Suggested Adventure Booklist from @keepabookout.
  • -Adventure Poster/Sticker.

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