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Don't Bug Me Writer's Box-Printable

Don't Bug Me Writer's Box-Printable

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Don't Bug Me is an XL-ANT box for exploring SETTING in your stories. So often, young writers ignore setting and have their characters talking in front of a "blank screen." Not you! After focusing on setting, you'll never again forget to write your characters in an actual place. This box also invites you to help write a Bug Trivia Game, create a "Don't Bug Me I'm Writing" sign, and attack those pesky spelling survial words so that they never have to BUG you again! 

For ages 7 to 12. 

On-Ramp: Setting

Clubtime: Believe It Or Not Bug Trivia Game. 

Playbreak: Writer's at Work Sign. 

Editor's Table: Spelling Survival.

This printable has everything you need to create the Writer's Box experience:

  • Writer’s Guide.
  • Bug Me! Example page.
  • Believe it or not!
  • Bug trivia game.
  • Don’t Bug Me door hanger.
  • Spelling Strategy.
  • Sticker prompts.
  • Recommend Books.
  • Don’t Bug Me poster/sticker. 
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