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Eat Your Words Writer's Box - Printable

Eat Your Words Writer's Box - Printable

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This writer's box is so much fun you'll want to take a BIG BITE out of it as you write food reviews, play restaurant, and create recipe memories. If you've never written a food review before, bring your pencil to the dinner table and be prepared to eat slowly as you describe every last bite for your readers. Ever noticed the descriptive writing on a menu before? Open your family refridgerator and start your own kitchen menu. Think for just a minute about your favorite recipe for a special occasion. What memories do you have of eating that food? This box offers you all kinds of unique and playful ways to write (and eat) your way into great fun!

For ages 7 to 12. 

On-Ramp: Write a food review.

Clubtime: Recipe memory cards.

Playbreak: Create a menu. 

Editor's Table: Capitalization practice.

This printable has everything you need to create the Writer's Box experience.

  • Child-directed Writer's Guide.
  • Food Review note page and organization page. 
  • Food Review examples pages.
  • Menu template.
  • Recipe memory card example.
  • Blank receipe memory cards. 
  • "Eat Your Words" poster/ notebook sticker.
  • Hungry for More recommended booklist.
  • Food sticker prompts.
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