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So Funny Writer's Box - Printable

So Funny Writer's Box - Printable

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 Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Radio who?
Radio not, here it is!
The most fun you've had with writing in a loooonnng time because the So Funny Writer's Box really is that fun and teaches YOU how to be genuinely funny too. With the "opposite strategy," you'll learn how to take any story and turn it upside down hilarious. The "Make Me Laugh" game will have you laughing friends and family, but also catch great ideas for more humourous tales. You'll even learn to appreciate the art of a great joke. 

For ages 7 to 12. 

 On-Ramp: Writing a Silly Story. 

Clubtime: Make Me Laugh Game. 

Playbreak: Joke time!

Editor's Table: 1, 2, 3, editing strategy

This printable has everything you need to create the Writer's Box experience.

  • Child Directed Writer’s Guide.
  • It’s Opposite Day.
  • Silly Three Bears Story. 
  • Make Me Laugh Situation Game Cards.
  • Make Me Laugh Word Game Cards.
  • So Funny Sticker Prompts:
  • Writing Makes Me Happy poster/sticker.
  • So Funny Box Book List.
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