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Spooky Tales Writer's Box - Printable

Spooky Tales Writer's Box - Printable

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Want to become SCARY-good at writing? This is the box for you! When you try out different ways of writing spooky stories, you'll discover more about your own writing process. By noticing the spooky settings in your neighborhood, you'll learn to watch out for stories everywhere! Experimenting with onomatopoeia words and "killing" a few adverbs isn't what most kids are doing for Halloween, but you're going to be all about creating BOO-tiful pieces of writing that are perfect for the season. 

For ages 7 to 12. 

 On-Ramp: Writing Process: Are you a “pantser” or a “planner”? Let’s find out!

Clubtime: Spooky Tale neighborhood hunt.

Playbreak: Monster Mash Onomatopoeia.

Editor's Table: Adverbs: RIP “really” and “very.”

This printable has everything you need to create the Writer's Box experience.

  • Child-directed Writer's Guide.
  • Ghost Story Planning Guide.
  • Ghost Story Map.
  • Monster Mash Book.
  • Spooky tales sticker prompts.
  • Neighborhood Award.
  • Spooky Tales Booklist.
  • Spooky Tales poster/sticker. 
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