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The Great Detective Writer's Box - Printable

The Great Detective Writer's Box - Printable

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If you like solving puzzles, you will love the Great Detective Writer's Box. With the mystery planning page and the clue and character grids, you'll have everything you need to spark your own mystery stories. You can also use the secret code wheel to make up a new language, create clues to lead your family and friends on a mystery hunt, and even practice reading fingerprints like a real detective. No mystery here--writing is lots of fun!  

For ages 7 to 12. 

On-Ramp: Write a mystery story.

Clubtime: Mystery hunt game.

Playbreak: Secret code writing.

Editor's Table: Practice adjective order.

This printable has everything you need to create the Writer's Box experience.

  • Child directed Writer's Guide.
  • Secret code wheel.
  • Mystery planning page.
  • Mystery, clue, and character grid pages.
  • Fingerprint activity page.
  • "You're One of a Kind" poster/ notebook sticker.
  • Mystery booklist.
  • Mystery sticker prompts.
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