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10 Box Curriculum Set

10 Box Curriculum Set

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The 10 Box Set gives you ALL ten of the Writer's Box printables, so you have all the options ready to go!  Easily, these boxes will give you a school year's curriculum full of fun, playful writing experiences for your children. Choose from any of the ten and write off of them until you're ready for something new. There is no right way to do this--let your children's interests and energy take the lead! 

Think of these boxes as a writer's playground where your children can explore and discover (or re-discover) their writing voice and the joy of writing. 

What's more, when you buy the 10 Box Set, you will automatically start receiving highlight instructional videos from Emily and Carrie that give you a suggested Writer's Box focus for each month. We do this together! 

Each box comes with its own:

  • Onramp writing activity for approaching writing in a fun, new way.
  • Clubtime activity that aims towards a unique way to publish and share writing. 
  • Playbreak for bursting through writer's block.
  • Editor's Table for considering one grammar or revision tool to make a piece better.
  • Jumpstart Sticker Prompts for diving into a new story.
  • Themed Poster to highlight the Writer's Box and cheer on your writer.
  • Themed Booklist to read like a writer.

In addition, this full 10 Box Set comes with a BONUS Starter Set that includes pages for setting up a writer's notebook:

  • Individual Spelling Page to keep track of commonly misspelled words.
  • Works in Progress to keep track of different pieces your writer is working on. 
  • Published Works page to celebrate finished pieces.
  • Ideas for publishing.

As yet another BONUS, this set also adds our Writing Process Posters. 

  • Teach your writer that while writing is a "messy" back and forth process, there is a journey you can follow to see a piece through to publication. 
  • Print the poster large for a wall and as a page for their Writer's Notebook.
  • Print each process step on a single poster page and spread it across a room. 

We can't wait to get started writing with your family! 

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