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Writer's Gear Box

Writer's Gear Box

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Sure, you can gather the gear up yourself, but in this Writer's Gear Box set, we'll send you 20 special writing items to match up with all 10 of the printable Writer's Boxes. 

So that means for EACH printable, you'll have a special two-item surprise to make that writing experience a little more fun and a little easier to get up and running! 

Not only will this Writer's Gear Box build anticipation and delight for your writer, it will make gathering and planning easier for you. 

It's a GREAT way to supplement your 10 Writer's Box printables and help you create the positive, playful experiences your writer is ready for. 


  • All supplies will be delivered in a bright orange Writer's Box. (You might consider reusing this box each time you set up a new Writer's Box printable experience. Open the box and add to the AWWWW's, the squeals of joy, and the FUN!)
  • Two-item surprises coincide with the different Writer's Box themes.
  • Two-item surprises come in a clear cellophane bag, labeled with the theme of the box. (It's super easy for you to know which surprises go to each box!) 
  • We recommend using them throughout the year as you use the Writer's Box printables, but this Writer's Gear could also be used as gifts, incentives, stocking stuffers . . . whatever works best for your writer!


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