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You've Got Mail Writer's Box - Printable

You've Got Mail Writer's Box - Printable

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Special delivery! You're probably not used to seeing envelopes addressed to YOU in your mailbox, but with the You've Got Mail Box, that's about to change! Start sending letters to friends, family, famous people, even businesses and watch return letters start to come back to you. Learn the almost lost art of stylyzing your signature and addressing envelopes the correct way. Discover the CRAZY things you can actually stamp and send in the mail. Design your own stamps and even write to the Postal Service about your ideas. This box delivers up the best of mail writing!

For ages 7 to 12.  

On-Ramp: Letter Writing. 

Clubtime: Mailing surprising puns.

Playbreak: Stamps. 

Editor's Table: Address abbreviations.

This printable has everything you need to create the Writer's Box experience.

  • Child-directed Writer's Guide.
  • How to Address an Envelope.
  • Letter Writing Idea Bank.
  • Postcard printable.
  • Stationery printable.
  • Practice Your Signature.
  • Create a Stamp.
  • Sticker prompts.
  • You’ve Got Mail Booklist.
  • What You Send Out . . . Comes Back to You poster/sticker.

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